Partnership with Parents


Partnership with Parents

Our parents will receive a monthly calendar about our fun-themed center activities. Parents are invited to in-school events and holiday celebrations throughout the year. We encourage your participation to bring these events to life and also to create new relationships within our center's community. 

Parent Support

We always want our parents to be supported in our center's community. We enjoy and encourage their support as well. We would like you to participate in your child's developmental process to the best of your abilities. With our communication practices, we will keep you in the loop. We encourage new developmental skills to be practiced at home. We always look forward to your feedback and hope to exceed your expectations throughout the year.


At Adventures in Learning, we understand the importance of active communication between parents and teachers. Parents are the best teachers and role models that a child has. As such, it’s vital that parents are actively involved with their child’s education, rather than allowing the teacher to handle it all. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests positive communication between parents and teachers leads to a positive impact on the overall performance of a child. Numerous channels are utilized in support of this mission:

Parent Board

Parent's bulletin boards are located near the front entrance. Please check them frequently for updates and information, community events, activities with classrooms, etc. Also available in this area are information about parenting, copies of parenting magazines and brochures, and other publications of interest to parents.

Daily communication with teachers

Daily oral and written communication with teachers and/or the director is also available to parents.  Teachers use written daily reports to describe your child's day and what activities they participated in. Additionally, you may call the center at 609-348-3883 and speak with their teachers or director at any time. 

How to enroll your child to a class?
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How to enroll your child to a class?

Under the programs and services tab, select the class you are interested in and click join now. Once you've submitted your information. We will contact you within (2) business days to discuss your needs for child care.