Our Approach

Start stronger. Go further.

Since 1990 Adventures in Learning has had a profound effect on its community. Our Founder Idella Barnes wanted to put her mark on early childhood education in a special way. Her passion and experience as a teacher for over 25 years in the Pleasantville school district have been a foundation for success. We want to continue that legacy and expand on that passion for many more years to come!

What We Do

We understand how important child care is. Our approach is simple and effective. We concentrate on developmental, social, and cognitive skills. We outline our approach with our parents for complete transparency, and together our goal is for the best head start we can achieve.

How We Do It

Grow Nj Kids is a program our center uses to help manage every classroom effectively. Managing curriculum and learning is our first priority and is our landscape for educational success. 

How to enroll your child to a class?
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How to enroll your child to a class?

Under the programs and services tab, select the class you are interested in and click join now. Once you've submitted your information. We will contact you within (2) business days to discuss your needs for child care.