Absenteeism Policy

Regular attendance at the center is extremely important to help children settle in well. Routine becomes part of your child’s day. You are welcome to visit your child in the center at any time without prior notice.

Parents will notify the center if their child will be absent from the center or from the center or from the MLK school for after-school pickup.

If your child has missed 3 consecutive days and the center has not received any notice or call, parents will be contacted by phone to determine the reason for the absence. A doctor’s note will be required if the child has a communicable illness.

A child absent for longer than 2 weeks with no communication from the parent to the center will dismissed from the centers program. The parent will be mailed a notice of dismissal. The security deposit will be credited to the parents account and any remaining balance must be paid in full.

Parents are responsible to pay tuition for all registered days regardless if the child attends or not. This includes all co-pays and any missed swipes through the parent’s Family First Card.

If you encounter an issue beyond your control (hospital stay, emergency, ect,) arrangements can be made to reserve your child’s spot.


Absence Notification Letter


To: Mr. Smith

Date: Friday, November 16, 2021


Dear Parent or Guardian,

According to our attendance records, your child has been absent for 2 weeks without any notice or calls concerning your services. As a result, I have no choice but to terminate our services as 11/16/21 for the following children:


Johnny Smith          Jane Smith

If you feel this notice was sent in error and wish to continue with our program, please contact Veronica or Heather as soon as possible to renew.



Veronica Harper